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CPAP Treatment vs Oral Appliance Therapy 

While CPAP therapy may be highly effective for those who can use it consistently, many patients cannot tolerate the bulky equipment and the uncomfortable tube forcing pressurized air into the face mask.  Studies have indicated that as many as 50% of patients are non-compliant with their CPAP and discontinue using it due to the level of discomfort it causes. Many OSA patients complain of an inability to fall and stay asleep while undergoing CPAP therapy.  (Imagine going from the normal manner in which you are used to sleeping to all of a sudden having to wear a mask blowing air into your face each night.)


The Trouble With CPAP Therapy

  • Headache

  • Dry mouth and nose

  • Swelling in abdomen

If you’ve been unable to use a CPAP or simply want to explore alternatives that could effectively treat your sleep apnea, please contact Healthier Sleep Solutions today to set up a consultation. Dr. Nathanson will help you to determine which course of treatment is best for you to get the safe, healthy good night’s sleep you need.

Man sleeping with Cpap machine
  • Sneezing

  • Runny nose

  • Face, skin and eye irritation

  • Nose bleeding

  • Machine noise keeping them or their bed partner awake

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